My dear family and friends


I am on my way to Israel to volunteer on the Army base for the 3rd time, i stopped for few days in Lisbon -Portugal to learn about  this city, walking 7 hills reminded me San Franscisco and Cape Town.  Weather is  very hot and very dry, 30-40  C, it is a lot of plazas-round or square with a lot of streets coming in and out and a lot of monuments, sculptures and art, very charming and beautiful European city. I used modern, quiet and very comfortable metro, took citi,s buses and trams,and tours of Lisbon and day trips out of Lisbon along Atlantic ocean and historic town inland.


I learned that Portugal was neutral during 2nd world war and took about 50 000 jewish refugees from Germany and France.

I listen to Fado-typical melancholic Portugeese singing in the club,

It was a very nice and interesting 5 days.


Now i am in Israel volunteering on the Army base, please call me   , in Israel   057-350-1202 from US  011-972-57-350-1202 we are 7 hours ahead of NY


love    Inna






My dear family and friends


this is my visit to Israel  # 10 and volunteering # 3


our day:

breakfast at 7 am

Flag raising, news briefing


lunch at 12


dinner at 6

after, lectures or movies or social


we live in simple baracks, 4- 6 people in the room, AC present, shower and toilet in separate house, one has to walk,


we eat in a huge dining room together with soldiers and officers, plenty of vegetables, fruits, mediterranian dishes, buffet style,


i was at Tel Hashomer medical supply base, so we sort and pack medical supply in a very big heavy  medical knapsacks for paramadics and doctors who carry it on their back on the front line, the knapsack with a lot of pockets of different sizes, folding and unfolding is an art  of design   by itself,


volunteers work very fast, efficient, with a lot of love, being useful,


volenteers i met are from so many countries: South Africa, US, Canada,UK, Denmark, Holland, than thousands of French and Russians from Russia,


in our  group the oldest was 90 years old,the youngest 14 who came with her father,

out of 36 volunteers 12 were not born Jews, some converted, some do not,


people are so nice, so spiritual, so interesting, taking time , buying tickets to come and help Israel,


on august 9 in Jerusalem  we celebrated 25 th anniversary of this organization  Sar El, it was such an emotional and beautiful  convention of thousands  of volunteers from all over the world in 4 languages- Hebrew, English, French and Russian, 15,000 volunteers came in 25 years, jews and non jews, with so much love and support for Israel, everything was organized so well on a very high level, to be part of this  event and and to go to my friend's Samanta Lazarus  elegant and beautiful wedding in Tel Aviv Port was worth it  of my suffering  from heat of 90-95 F or 40-45 C,


i also took tours of Northern Israel and Christian places, visited 9 families of my relatives and many friends walked through the world only Biblical Landscape Reserve - Neot Kedumim, drove  through a very modern campus of Weizman Institute  of Science,


there are so much history and so much modernity in Israel- 100th smallest country on Earth, only 60 years old, the only democracy in the Middle East but contributes so much to the welfare of the world  and what we use in our every day life: in medicine, technology, energy, security and it goes on and on, it is truly a marvel of our time,


now i am back at home, had a stop for few hours in Madrid, took a tour of this magnificient city which was planed and build like Paris with a lot of palaces, very wide boulvars and plazas, beautifuly decorated buildings, a lot af art , parks and flowers,


much love to all and Shana Tova,   Inna


1. i got my epolets




2.  our group



3.dining room



4.volunteers, left to right, 14 years old, 90 years old, 74 years old, 20 years old




5. i am raising Israeli flag





From: Haskel Lookstein, Rabbi <RHL@ckj.org>

Date: Aug 18, 2007 9:22 PM

Subject: RE: # 2 Israel---volunteering

To: inna bakker <innabakker@gmail.com>


 Thank you for this wonderful report.  Kol ha-kavod to you for this volunteer effort.




On 8/22/07, Koides <koides@wombat.zaq.ne.jp> wrote:

Dear Inna,

Hello, We hope you are tireless and doing fine back home after volunteering at an army camp in Israel.

As always your reports and photos from the front are lively and impressive.  It is amazing to know that very old people can be active enough to serve our society depending on their physical and mental conditions, and their own beliefs. Thank you again for sharing your precious experiences with us.


Re: Thank you for your reports and photos

Reply |inna bakker to Koides


Thank you very much

i saw a lot of Japanese tourists in Israel, many groups and i will fw to you a very interesting imail from Japan,


be well, regard,     Inna



From: Effreilich@aol.com

To: innabakker@gmail.com

Sent: Monday, August 20, 2007 9:45 PM

Subject: Re: # 2 Israel---volunteering


Thanks for your beautiful email.  Welcome home!  Estelle



On 8/18/07, Andrea Klein <andrea.klein@randtech.com> wrote:

Wow...how wonderful. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. How do you join this volunteer group and how long are the stays?




inna bakker to Andrea

show details 8/18/07


Dear Andrea


nice to hear from you

web site www.vfi-usa.org

minimum 2 weeks, no maximum


how are you?  how is your life?



On 8/18/07, Pamela Lazarus <pamelalazarus@hotmail.com> wrote:

I love reading your journals, Inna. No matter where you go, what you see, you always make it so personal for your readers; & everyone can really feel what you feel.

We arre so very happy that you were here & could arrange your trip so you could be at Samantha's wedding. It was very special for us that you were here.

Be well--I'll call you when I'm in NY.




Reply 8/18/07

inna bakker to Pamela

thank you

it was so wonderful,

hope to see you soon


helping Russians to go volunteering from US,

love,   Inna



From: Len Rifkind

To: inna bakker

Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2007 4:59 PM

Subject: RE: # 2 Israel---volunteering




The trip sounds so interesting.  I am particularly impressed with the volunteering for Sar El.  I am trying to put together a leader's trip from my synagogue for next late Spring or early Summer, for 10 days, and think it would be great if we spent a day or two doing the same volunteer work.




Leonard A. Rifkind, Esq.

Rifkind Chitsaz, LLP

790 Mission Avenue

San Rafael, CA  94901

Tel. 415.485.2200, ext. 582

Fax. 415.453.7605



Reply |Inna to Len



Dear Len

thank you for reply, with Sar El no volunteering for 1-2 days. minimum 2 weeks but I will fw your email to Pamela Lazarus in Israel coordinator of Sar El program and we became very good friends, maybe she has an idea for your tipy of volunteering for 1-2 days.


mom called me and she sounds very good, what is your assesment




To: inna bakker

Sent: Saturday, August 18, 2007 8:30 PM

Subject: Re: # 2 Israel---volunteering


Dear Inna.

How nice to receive this report. In 2001 I  was at Tel Hashomer medical supply base also, it is one of the bases where we work hard and enjoyable.

Thank you telling us about Sar El and all celebration. You are refreshing our filling and memory.

Best wishes, keep in tach,



From: ahuva Tal hollander

To: inna bakker

Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2007 10:37 PM

Subject: Re: # 2 Israel---volunteering



it's amazing to read your email. Full of enthusiasm and love for our little country.

Thank you SO much,






thank you

little and great because of people and achievements,

I have a long list of them.




 Reply |inna bakker to tziby

show details 8/27/07


Dear Tziby


finaly i got this photo


it was so nice to spend time with you and to know all good news,enjoy and stay well


love   Inna




















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