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Dear family and friends
i started tour # 2, i came to Athens  hotel  2 am, 6 am wake up call, breakfast and tour of the city, Acropolis, Parthenon,Temple of Poseidon -- 2 hour drive of the city along Aegean Sea, Plaka--- Monmartr of Athens,
 what a combination of antiquity and modernity, tour guides are so good ---you feel like you live in  this great ancient civilization, so many words which we use came  from there:  Europa--open eyes-open mind  ,meteora ---suspended between sky and earth,   gymnastics---place to learn, etc.
 i bought a book and reading     "Journey through  Greek civilization", which is also good for my boys,  it reminded  me  my great history teacher in 5 th grade { like my grandson Max now}  telling us  stories, now it is live history lesson,
please look at the map of my tour created by Ron,  it is  little known geography, full of history, wars , natural beauty , destructions and creations, air and color of water of the sea  are so special, bluish---greenish, very deep, it reminds me Jerusalem---great combination of antiquity and modernity," crossroads of civilizations". ancient Greeks invented theater, drama, comedy,  concept of voting and democracy, architectural beauty and harmony, philosophy, carved in stone saying like this------ 'know yourself,   nothing in excess,'
we drove through country site, mountains and valleys, we visited Delphi which ancient Greeks considered  "center of the world" and built temples, beautified with 3000 great statues, i learned origin of  concept of marathon, it was a Greek city where they won a great battle against Persians and might change the course of history since Persians never occupied Europe, 1 Greek against 20 Persians, a man from this city ran to Athens 42 km, said   " we won"and  dropped dead, when modern Olympics started  they decided to start running marathons of 42 km or 26 miles.
i strongly recommend to visit Greece, October is the best month, 20 C or 70 F,
i like here very much, i wish i can share much more what i learned but it is always somebody is waiting for the computer.


1guards at Parliament--Athens
2  Acropolis
3 Temple of Poseidon--God of Sea--build in 5 th century, 2 hours out of Athens
4 Kalambaka rocks---unique geological formation in Central Greece
5 Delphi archaeological museum--famous chariots statue
6 tour guide shows treasury of ancient Greece

love to all.

Inna Bakker