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this is my 4 th   email

serbian photo is here.

Dear family and friends

we  toured Bulgaria for few days, it is an old Slavic country- Kingdom of Bulgaria started in 11 century, typical history---- a lot of wars, golden centuries,  occupation  by Ottoman Empire for 500 years, independance since 1908 with the help of Russian Army, during WW II was German Allies, but King Boris and population  saved almost 50 00 Bulgarian Jews , they all wear yellow star on their sleeves in solidarity,   Israel honors this country and her people.
Bulgaria had dictator Zivkov---was under Soviets for 45 years.
we visited capital Sofia -in Greek means " wisdom-" that was my mother Sofia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  2 nd biggest city Plovdiv, old capital Veliko Tarnovo, drove through beautiful Balkan Mountains, they have few ski resorts,  famous  Ril Monastiry, chirches, saw folk dances, i had  'chocolate massage-'--instead of oil they use chocolate, very, very nice, fruits and vegetables are delicious, they said---they do not use pesticides, people are friendly, ,building democracy and economy.
much love to all.
 in Serbia's restaurant  photos of Dictator---Marshall   Tito

folk dance in Bulgaria

guards at Presidential Palace---Sofia


violinist---park in Veliko  Tarnovo

pijama sculptures all over the city  means  museums open late

Inna Bakker