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Dear family and friends
on the way to Budapest we stoped in Paris, stored our carry on in the storage room  for few hours for $60.00  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
went to Roden museum which is the biggest collection of his sculptures, walked in Paris, back to airport, flu to Budapest.
we met our group  next day  and had a tour  of this beautiful typical European city, learn a lot of history of Madyars--Hungarians, Mongol occupations,  golden centuries, Ottoman  Empire occupations, Austro-Hungaria Habsburgs  rulings,  Germans, Soviet communists occupation for 45 years, now since 1990 they are bulding democracy and free economy which is difficult and not so fast , but a lot of improvements, i went to famous thermal bath, we had Operetta  cruise on Duna---Danube with a lot of famous Hungarian music, singing and dancing, had a tour of  magnificient Budapest synagogua, 2nd largest in the world after Temple Emmanuel in New York. 3000 seats for men and 3000 seats for women, Holocaust Memorial to 600 000  perished  Hungarian Jews and Jewish Museum,
our Tour guide was a men saved by Raul Wallenberg.
our bus tour is going through the country sites toward Serbia,weather is cool and rainy, we toured Belgrade, tasted local food, talked to local people, they are still  not members of EU and life is not easy.  next ---we are driving toward Bulgaria  through  Balkans Mountains.
Much love to all.

Inna Bakker

photo of upside down menora-----memorial to Holocast 

Danube at night

Tito portrets in Serbia