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Dear family and friends
i am in Prague for 2 days, i took 3 tours:
1  grand Prague
2  Jewish quarter
3  Teresin ghetto
i know..............but i did my small part--i paid tribute to my people----155 000 torchered, murdered, exterminated, for what??????? "for contributing to the economic,cultural,  scientific and public life of every country they lived   extraordinarily and disproportionately to the small jewish population "--quote from the book --- Jewish Prague ---which i bought, in the evening   

i went to Chabad to celebrate Simcha Torah, there were hundreds of people, old, young, children, singing, dancing and celebrating receiving of Torah which helped us to survive through centuries without a country, governments, rulers, czars, kings, generals, leaders, presidents in spite of persecutions, expulsions, pogroms, exterminations and made us who we are---a great little nation--only .2 % of the world population,  Hitler is gone, 3 rd Reich is gone, nazis are gone but we are here.
i walked the city, sipped coffee in many different street caffes, watching people, admiring and enjoying architecture around me thinking that this visit to Prague is very symbolic for me and my family, in 1970 i came  here as part of the first Soviet  tourist group after Soviet tanks  brutally defeated Czechs  attempt for  freedom in august 1969. first time in my life i heard about the Soviet Union regime from outside people, from Western people, we toured the country for 10 days and  i listened to many people and we became friends, i realized few things:
1---i live in a horrible, bloody, oppressive and cruel system,
2---i like Western people, i get along with them and i would not be lost in a free world
3---i decided to emigrate from   dictatorship to freedom  in spite all difficulties and hardships,
this Saturday  will be 35th anniversary  since we came to New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and than so many friends and relatives emigrated after me, my late parents, my brother and his family, my son , my grandchildren--- we are all here , living our good free life.
i am at home and i thank everybody who replied to my emails,     feed back is very important,
best wishes, Inna
1--street caffes  everywhere
2--monument to Franz  Kafka  in Prague
3---street musicians
4--Prague's bridge
5--Hebrew clock
6--entrance to Teresin ghetto
7 --view of Prague from the hill

Inna Bakker: