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Dear family and friends
tonight Ron and I are leaving for Europa,our plan is :
overnight flight to Paris, spend a day, walking there, going to Rodin Museum,
 in the evening flight to Budapest where we start 2 weeks  escorted tour of Hungry, Romania  where we will celebrate Rosh Hashana with Chabad, Bulgaria and Serbia, we will be touring by bus, visiting cities, country sites, mountains, villages, national parks, etc.

then Ron will fly home and i take a second tour of Adriatic countries' starting in Greece, Albania and countries of former Yugoslavia: Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia,
i will celebrate Yom Kipur in Tirana, Albania,
we are looking forward so much to see and learn the world, so huge and so small, so much difference and so much in common,
love to all and best wishes.

Inna Bakker