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My last stop in China-Beijing now this capital is all about preparations for Olympics, will open august 8, 2008, chinese lucky # is 8, i hear from every toir guide, construction sites are all around,
i walked the world's largest public square- Tiananmen sq., there is a huge portrait of Mao in the center and chinese are taking photos with him, the official party line: Mao was 70% right and 30 % wrong and his impact was enormous, i did not go to his mausoleum,
i had few tours:
Forbidden City[ nobody could visit it for 500years] wtich consists of many ancient traditional bld. and courtyards where emperors lived , brutaly ruled the country and hold ceremonies, Temple of Heaven  where emperors worship, Summer Palace and Ming Tombs- we walked 29 floors down. I also climbed  Great Wall of China to the highest point -888m [triple lucky] in honor of my kid brother Jos'es big birtday, it was difficult because steps are very high.
4 years ago at that time i was in LA planning next morning  fly to China with the group, Ilushenka called me in the evening and told that my father got very very sick, i decided China will be  forever but my father is not, i canceled the trip, returned to NY and was with my father till the end.
 Going through India, Nepal, Tibet-China i worried not to get sick from food and water, i was very very careful and it did not happen, but what happened- i had an accident, in Shanghai 11-10 i was walking into Westin hotel for a nice western dinner and i hit the glass wall with my face, the impact was very strong, i had a lot of bleeding and tears from pain, staff of the restaurant was very helpful, i asked for an ice bag and the manager, he came ,took me to a hospital for foreigners where i asked for a top plastic surgeon; chinese doctor came who is a head of plastic surgery dep. studied in Germany and speaks English, he placed 10 sutures over my left eyebrow, by now my face is  multicoloured, today in Beijing  sutures were removed by another chinese plastic surgeon who studied and worked for 20 years in Rochester,Minnesota and who was refered by my travel insurance, they also provided  consultation with the lawyer, here goes my face.
Tomorrow i am flying to Japan for 8 days, i will be staying with 3 japanese families, members of international  organization [like i am]  Servas which promotes friendship and understanding between people of different cultures  by hosting each other for 2-3 nights, so interesting.
love to all.