Subject: #8- world tour-China-fantastic Shanghai
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 13:33:30 +0000

My dear family and friends
i never heard from some of you and i do not know if you are getting my emails, please reply and i wiil resend missing emails,
Ron went home and i continue my world tour,
i feel emitional connection to Shanghai because my father's brother George [Grisha] escaped from Russia to  this open city and lived there from 1925-1930 he told me about his life and a beautiful street Bund, when i came to Shanghai 80 years later first thing i did  walked to Bund, and it is an architectural delight- 26 buildings were built between 1920-1930- in neoclassical,french renaissance and art deco styles, for europeans it was Shanghai's Wall street of banks and commercial organizations, in the evening it lits up spectacularly like the rest of the city and like most of chinese cities, from the ground up to the roof,
i was thinking about my wonderful Bekker [Baker, Bakker, Backer] family and our survival, strength,values of helping each other and honoring departed loved ones,
i had 2 tours visiting buddist temples,traditional gardens,french concession, great modern skyscrapers [they built 300 of them in 15 years], stunning Shanghai museum, futuristic tunnel across the river[ the only tunnel in the world with double function-transportation and sightseeing], silk factory watching  the process of silk formation starting with the silk wormth [ i bought some beautiful silk outfits], chinese called Shanghai- New York of China,
during WW II it was the only  city in the world allowing 30 000 Jews to enter without visa,garantee or other documents.
 i entered China on october 22 in Tibet, i think by now i look chinese [just to dye my hair black] ,they have a great old civilization but their progress and achievments in the 15-20 years is so admirable, because as a nation they are very discipline , open  and with the sense of togetherness:
let's do communist revolution,
let's do cultural revolution, 
let's do economical revolution,
and it works.
next -Bejing-my last stop in China,
love to all.