Subject: #7- world tour-China-Hong Kong and Macau
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2005 13:11:22 +0000

After the end of  Yangzi river cruise we flew yo Shen Zhen, city  in China across HK because it is twice chipper than to fly to HK,  there we took a bus to HK, again dragging our luggage through 2 emmigrations and customs offices,
Vow, HK is like Manhattan taken over by Chinese, 6,8 millions [94 % Chinese] on 1102sq. km that is density, we had 2 full days and i took a tour of HK and Macau,
we took the tram to Victoria Peak to admire the spectacular view of HK, it is the world's steepest funicular railway, , visited temples, fishing village, jewellery factory and ride a boat in the harbour,
HK is a very dynamic mix of East and West, thousands of modern skyscrapers next to traditional chinese and colonial buildings, endless shops and eateries next to modern huge stores and restaurants,
HK has the world's longest escalator and the world,s l argest aquarium.
Tiny Macau is a very pleasant island with only half a million people on 27.3, it was the oldest European settlement in Asia, established by Portuquese, today it is a fusion of Mediterranean and Asian people like our tour guide Henrietta,
Macau has casinos- Sands and Wein[still under constraction] and we saw hundreds of buses  with Chinese from Mainland,
we visited churches, temples, beautiful history museum where one can learn the parallel developments and achievements of western and chinese civilizations in the same periods in history, for me it was very interesting,
we went to Macau tower-223 m above the ground-it is the world.s highest skyjump,
Macau is famous  for formula 3 Grand Prix when the city streets become a racetrack for 30 national championship  drivers.
Well, traveling is learning.
love and best wishes