Subject: Re: #19-world tour -Peru-Lima-Cusco-Machu Pichu
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 03:32:50 +0000

My dear family and friends
i am in Peru-country #12 and last in my  world tour, it is a big country, 5 times bigger than Great Britain, population 28 millions, rich in minerals, history and archeology, the capital Lima is a modern city of 7.5 millions, have beautiful beaches, full of people and surfers, in my city tour i learned  about 3  historic cultures here,preInca, Inca and colonial,   we saw  ancient centers of administrative and religious life,ruins of inca temples on top of which spanish conquistadors built catolic churches and cathedrals with a lot of gold and silver,
Lima has interesting residential areas with  colonial and european houses, many parks,outdoor art, street cafes, flat roofs because it never rains here, this is a coastal desert, Pacific ocean has cold current -Gumboldt and no evaporation, but flowers and greenary look very fresh, they have very good artificial irrigation system and plenty of water comes from  52 Andean rivers, Miraflores-the best residential area has Love  or romantic park with a huge sculpture of a kissing couple, every Valentines day here is a competition for a peruvian kiss, last year winners had it for 43 minutes,
i visited a world class Archeological museum  housed in a spectacular colonial mansion having  45 000 objects of preColombian  art, Inca art of ceramics, metal works, textiles and erotic art, one of the tribes in that region used circumcisions as a religios ritual{  may be it was a lost tribe of Israel}.
Than i flew to Cusco, elevation 11 000 feet,pop. 350 000, what a charming city, surrounded by Andes  mountains, narrow cobble-stoned streets go up and down, red tiled roofs, plazas with cathedrals and fountains, beautiful wood carving of balconies, doors,  windows, furniture, Cusco was a capital of Inca Empire which lasted only about 100 years , was planned and built in the shape of Puma , symbol of energy and power, now it is the archeological capital of the Americas, city economy almost total depends on the international tourists coming to see Machu Pichu, today i saw it,
i took a 4 hour back packers  train at 6 am going up  through Andes, than a bus climbing up the serpintine mountain road to 7700 feet and than walked with a huge crowd  and a tour guide of inca descent,
the stone city on top of the highest mountains peaks, stone works are so fine , knowledge of sun, moon ,sky, stars, time, calendar was so sofisticated and it all disappeared in 16 century when spaniards came, supposedly to keep a secret, professor of Yale  Hiram Bingham came here in 1911, talked to locals, they led him to the top of the mountain where he discovered lost city covered by the tropical vegetation, the natural beauty and archeological importance make this  site like no other place in the world, there is an inca trail -50 miles long and it takes 4 days to climb it , it is worth it of any  discomfort or problems to come to this place, get to Machu Pichu and see this  spectacular andmysterious  ruins of the past and    majestic mountains,
thank you ,Ilushenka, for suggestion to include it as part of my world tour,
love to all,    Inna