Subject: Re: #17 world tour, Equador-Quito-Equator
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 00:50:03 +0000

Happy new year, we meet again

After taking 4  flights  from NZ i arrived to Quito- capital of Equador 1 day later, altitude is 2 850 m, it is the second highest capital in the world {1. 3 million people} surrounded  by Andes mountains,green hills and volcanos, in the morning and in the evening it is cold-50 F, during the day it is hot -up to 80F

i had a city tour,  typical colonial old town with beautiful Plaza Grande, many churches, narrow streets, Presidential Palace,  new city is very modern with a lot of skyscrapers, parks, many outdoor sculptures, it is Christmas time here with a lot of decorations, i also saw a very big menora, Quito has  a very  rich history-Pre Inca and  Inca,

i witnessed New Year celebration, thousands of people on Avenida Amazonas with children dancing, singing, having concerts and burning huge dolls-puppets,  fire crackers exploding the whole night, after 12 midnight people go to the restaurants for dinners, you hear dancing music from early morning- it is  keep you in cheerful mood, i will try at home,

i see thousands of long stems roses every there because it is Equador's export # 3, they send all over the world, 25 roses cost $1 ,  there are 2 unique places  in this  interesting country;  equator- The Middle of the World  , Mitad del Mundo and  Galapagos islands and i visited both ot them,

i had a tour of equator on january 1, it was a very memorable experience, first we came to  Solar museum or Museo Inti - Nan  { road of the sun]  where Equator  was discovered by indigenous pre Inca  Indians  and  i saw a sign - GPS confirmed Equator  exactly at this spot,  they celebrated MARCH 21 and SEPTEMBER 23 as equinox -day and night are  12 hours,  

i bought and red  a book ¨- Equator- so i learned a lot, there we did experiments which work only on equator  like  water goes streight  down, no counter clock  or clock wise,  i stood  with one foot on the Northern Hemisphere and the other on the  Southern Hemisphere and got a certificate  that i arrived at Latitude  0º-0´-0´´,   weight is 1 kg less on the equator, part of the group was a very nice japanese couple, we got friendly, they took photos, email me and i attached them,

than we drove to  to the smallest city in  Equador- Middle of the World City- 13 km from  Quito, it is a tourist complex located at the place where French  Geodesic expedition  of 1736   determined  equator, they worked for 8 years in a very difficult conditions of high altitude, freezing temperatures, sickness and suspicious local residents, but they accomplished their mission even they are few hundreds meters off according to GPS, at the entrance  there is Geodesic Ave with 13 statues  of scientists, Equator Monument with the globe on top,

museum with 9 levels of different exhibitions,planetarium and childrens ecological park which has  the fastest train in the world which  crosses  2 hemispheres in 10 minutes.

Every day   is a special day for me because i am able to see such special places on our planet,

next i fly to Galapagos,

love to all ,     Inna