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Sent: Friday, November 25, 2005 4:31 AM
Subject: #10-world tour-Japan-Nara, Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo

My dear family and friends
Belate Happy Thanksgiving, i hope you all enjoyed getting together and having traditional turkey,
thank you so much for your concern ,support and good wishes, my left eye ls still mulicoloured,but is better and i have a scar on top of my left eyebrow,
in Japan [Nippon]  in 6 days i had 5 tours;
the oldest capital Nara
the second capital Kyoto
the present capital Tokyo
Osaka city
Mt. Fuji and Hacone mountains
they showed Buddist and Shinto temples and explained that japanese combined 2 religions for rituals and ceremonies,  shinto takes care of happy ocasions and buddist of death,

i visited many traditional japanese gardens, emperors palaces and contemporary  interesting places like  Sanyo museum [company of households technology],
Asahi brewery, Kyoto handicraft center, Tokyo modern area Odayba built on land reclaimed from the sea, tor guides told us a lot about history, religon, wars, westernization and present life, systems of education, medical care, taxes, real estate, etc, they give interesting statistics,
i stayed with 3 japanese families in tradtional houses, had  japanese meals seating on the floor, slept in  the almost empty room , no heating just a very warm blanket,  they open a matress at night on the floor, removed shoes before entering a house,

people are very pleasant ,have  nice mild manners, professional, interested in the world, we had a very good time together,talking, laughing a lot, taking photos, sharing our backgrounds,thoughts and feelings, it was realy very special, i hope they will visit me,  from their places i took 2-3 trains in the morning and in the evening navigating my way around among huge mass of japanese comuters with a very poor english by having piece of paper  in japanese with my adress,  that was a real challenge,
trains are always on time, have soft warm seats, same as toilet seat in every house, i took a bullet train   Kyoto- Tokyo,  i met many asians who wanted photo with me because they never saw alive blond,   funny,

I like Tokyo, Japan and my new japanese friends.
That is the end of traveling on Asian continent,
next is Australia
love to all  and each of you.