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Date: Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 1:17 PM
Subject: # 5 Iran- city of Shiraz

We flew by Iran Air Tehran-Shiraz    because this city was an  ancient capital of Persian empire and considered a city of sophistication, heartland of a Persian culture for more than 2000 years, city of roses, love, poetry and famous wines --Shiraz,

we went to grand bazaar- photo of a shop owner with the rifle, beautiful botanical garden of Shiraz University with a lot of 200 years old cypresses trees, more than 300 types of roses, subtropical trees, met there a lot of students- young women who wanted to talk  to us and take photos with
us,they  look very cheerful, free, initiate the conversation,  we visited the tomb of  a very famous Iranian poet Hafez,

but the main attraction is remains of Persepolis complex--the greatest surviving masterpiece  of the ancient  Near  Eastern civilization, was built by Syrius  the Great, Darius and Xerxes---great Persian kings, than it was burned to the ground by Alexander the great, was lost for centuries,totally covered by dust and sand, excavation started only in 1930.  We walked there about 2-3 hours with our tour guide, learning about the history, art, architecture and life in this period of history, outside of entrance we saw remains of a luxurious tent city built by last shah Mohamed Reza Pahlavi to celebrate 2,500th anniversary of Persian monarchy in 1971,

we also visited nearby Pasargade--remains of another ancient city, saw monument called "Throne of mother of Solomon", during Arab conquest inhabitants renamed the monument this way knowing about Arabs great respect for Solomon's wisdom and that his name mentioned in the Koran,

we learned  that in 8 century BC group of people named ARYA  migrated from the very cold area of Siberia  to the region of present Iran, one group settled there,   second group migrated to India, third  migrated and settled in the area of present Germany that's why Farsi   language belong  to Indo-European group  and Germans and Persians called  Ari ens, famous Shiraz wine was produced here for  many centuries till revolution of 1979, no more, no alcohol  sold or drink in any place, no music or dancing outside,

weather is very pleasant, 20-25 C, 70-75 F,

next city of Esfahan,

love to all, Inna

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