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Subject: # 9 Santiago, Chile, the happy end of S.A. and Antarctica adventure

Dear family and friends

We disembarked in Valparaiso-most important port in Chile, 74 miles from Santiago, 1300 people with a lot , a lot of luggage left the ship within couple of hours, it was organized so well, so efficient, bravo to Holland America, all our luggage was colour coded day before depending on the destination, port crane delivered huge containers inside the ship, they were loaded with suitcases, than crane delivered them inside the trucks and they were unloaded, I was watching and taking photos of this operation, only after that was over, port allowed passengers leave the ship, buses took us to terminal where dogs checked our hand bags for food and drugs.

I had tours of Valparaiso , hilly town with a lot of history and natural beauty which got a status of UNESCO heritage site in 2003, than coastal resort Vina del Mar, there we went to the museum of Easter Island, " the loniest island in the world", belongs to Chile but very far, than we came to a farm which breeds horses, had Rodeo show with 2 girls –8 years old-- participants, for lunch we had meat and strawberry, I never tasted anything like this, in Chile they do not use hormones, antibiotics and pesticides, food tastes so delicious, we came to Santiago where I stay for 2 days to explore it, it is a big metropolitan city—capital of Chile, a lot of old colonial flavor from Spaniards and a modern sophisticated city, now they are building skyscraper---the tallest in South America, in the Lonely Planet book about Santiago said-- if you have only one day and one museum to see -- go to Precolumbian Art museum---- and I did, I listened to 2 tour guides and learned a lot new things which reminded me my visit to great Lima's Archeological museum, amazing and highly developed cultures and civilizations of South American indiginous people, long before Europeans arrived.

it is 80 F and dry, nice.

So , my 25 days of traveling university and adventures and wonders of the world came to end, i am very happy to share my knowledge and feelings of admiration and beauty for our planet Earth with my family and friends and I work hard and long before I send every email and I appreciate and enjoy every reply.

I am back home and love it .

Healthy and Happy new year to all of you, Inna