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Date: Mon, May 6, 2013 at 12:27 PM
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My dear family and friends

we are in Nepal's capital Kathmandu,
i was here in 2005 as part of my 3 month world tour,
highlight was our flight over Everest - the highest peak in the world 8,848 meters or 29,028 feet, sky was clear, sunny, great visibility, plane Buddha Air has 16 seats, all windows,
we were people from 5 countries, mountains are spectacular, mysterious, covered by snow, hard to describe feelings seeing this majestic nature, in 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary was the first to reach the peak together with his guide, since then, 3,000 people climbed to the top, 200 died.
we toured Kathmandu,admired beautiful Nepalese Buddhist architectures of squares, temples, monasteries, stupas, great wood carvings, decorations, symbols of Hinduism and Buddhism, we learned that 6 pointed star which is a symbol of Judaism also in Hinduism - represents female principal of Mother Goddess-source of dynamic energy,  
in the shops we saw paintings and wood carvings of 6 pointed stars,  we see a lot of construction and improvements of infrastructure in the city, now is peaceful in Nepal,

This is the end of our fantastic tour, we flew about 25,000 miles, visited many countries, learned a lot about Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, met a lot of interesting people and enjoyed it very very much,

now i am at the airport flying home and as always after seeing many different worlds, i say God Bless America and how lucky we are,

love to all, Inna


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