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From: Inna Bakker <>
Date: Sat, Apr 27, 2013 at 1:18 PM
Subject: : # 6 Iran - city of Isfahan

We are in the city of Isfahan--3 rd largest city of 1.3 million people, one of  the ancient   Persian  capital and it was one of the finest city in the Islamic world, today it is UNESCO   world heritage site, the main attraction Imam square--one of the biggest in the world with the Blue Mosque representing the best geometric Islamic architecture,

see photo of kind of swastika which in India was  symbol of power and prosperity and we see  it in Islamic decoration, unfortunately for the symbol Hitler   chose it for his 3rd Reich  and it became the symbol of horror, evil and worst of humanity,

we went to Tea House--Chaykhana, Grand bazaar, carpet presentation, saw  process of weaving of  hand made carpets, drove by of famous bridge of 33 arches built in 16 century, in Isfahan there is a lot of heavy industry including much discussed nuclear facility,

June 11 here is election   but our tour guide and owner ft the travel agency said that no good candidates, nobody to vote for and many people do not go to vote, they do not expect good changes, but they did not want political conversation,

interesting facts:Iran is a nation of  nose jobs, in Tehran 3000 best plastic surgeons, cost is about $4000, every year about 90 000 noses remodeled here, man do it too, women proudly walk with plasters on their nose---symbol of status,

60%  of students are women, 50%  are divorced,

96% of population are Shia Muslims, 2 % are Sunni, 2 %  are minorities--Christians, Jews, Baha'i.
Jews lived in this region since 16 century but after revolution of 1979  most of them left, but still some are  here, and somebody even a member of a Parliament--according to our tour guide,

our superficial tourist impressions are very positive, no security problems, people are very friendly to us--American tourists,

a lot of young people, children ,families  around, food is delicious, hope the government  will  be changed,

next----Kabul, it is okay there

love to all, Inna

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