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Dear family and friends

Look at the very interesting map of the tip of South America, we sailed through very very rough Drake Passage between Antarctic and Pacific oceans, rounded Cape Horn—the Southern tip of South America, stopped in Ushuaia-- Argentinian southernmost city in the world where I had a drive through Patagonian Andes, National Park Tierra del Fuego on the Strait of Magellan [he discovered this part of the world ], than sailed through spectacular Chilean fjords— water passages in between islands of mountains and glaciers to Punta Arenas—Chilean southernmost city in the world, from there

I had a tour--flight over Antarctica on the private jet Airbus 320, Lan Chile, we flu back to Antarctica 1h 15 min, than pilot was acrobatic---flying us very low, turning right and left that everybody in the group could take aerial photos of this fantastic continent, [ I was thinking about my cousin Barrie-- aerial photographer]. we were flying over King George Islands where my friend Sasha A ran international marathon!!!!!!!!!

There are 16 scientific stations there, our guide was a lady- marine biologist from Chilean Arctic institute and San Diego Sea World , we are given maps of our flight and sail in this region, very soon we will be out of all fjords and glaciers in the Pacific ocean on the way to Santiago.

Love to all,

here are few aerial photos of Antarctica.