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My dear family and friends
Today we were cruising Falkland Island and listening to a Port lecturer, we see hilly islands, some birds and some penguins jumping out of water, mostly sunny 55 F or 12 C but very very windy and rough see, this is my 3 rd cruise [ Alaska and Mediteranian ] but first time I feel boat is moving.

Some interesting facts:
2 main islands—west and east and 700 small , they cover the same area as Connecticut, Stanley is the smallest and most remote capital in the world about 2 000 people, no one traffic light, wool and fish industry,

the joke is—British handed Hong Kong to Chinese with a hand shake but fought with Argentina for Falklands Islands in 1982---the answer is --territorial water and possibilities of oil.

We did not land in Stanley but some smaller ships do and it is a pleasant place of English speaking people who want to be part of UK.

As our lecturer said : now we are going to Antarctica and now we are expedition not a cruise,  which means on the cruise everything planned and predictable, now we are in unpredictable conditions ,depend on weather, wind, ice and plans can change every moment------adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But we will see fantastic beauty and we get a lot of info about Antarctica, movies and lectures about wild life, penguins, birds, icebergs and history of explorers, expeditions, tragedies and heroisms of so many people from so many countries over the centuries,

Now Antarctica governed by Antarctic Treaty of 1959 and Protocol of 1991 Antarctica does not belong to any country, it is the largest wilderness area on Earth, relatively pristine, continent is under ice—99%, divided by high mountains on East and West, has many scientific stations from different countries,

after going through Drake Passage tomorrow evening we will be in Antarctica!!!!!!!!!!!

Love to all , Inna