FIDF Mission to Auschwitz & Israel

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Email # 6

My dear family and friends

I stayed in Israel another week to see my families and friends and touring more of the country which is so tiny but so much to see that even in my 19 visit 

 i saw only  small fraction of interesting  and beautiful places.

This is self explanatory, my family, friends and day at Dead Sea spa

  I took a day tour with JNF Jewish National Fund more than 100 year old organization  which planted 95 % of all greenery in Israel, forests, flowers, grass and now  working on many projects water , Negev desert,  and  city of Sderot on the border with Gaza

You see photos of underground bullet factory  1945-1948

Indoor huge playground for children of Sderot which is under thousands of Hamas rockets send to civilian population on a regular bases,

Think if it would be in your country and in your home and your children.

See photos on the border of Gaza , the spot where Media, CNN reporting

I took a tour  of oldest area of Tel Aviv which is a little more than 100 years old 

I never stop to amaze and admire this tiny tiny country under constant attacks of wars,  terrorism, hate and mistreatment of the world and how  Israel  is  doing the best in  everything and how  people are talented, productive, industrious, happy, enjoying every moment of life,  multifaceted and care about those who hate them and do everything to ruin them.

Israel and Israelis-- country of miracles of great achievements

where the only Natural resource --Jewish people, hearts and minds.

Now i am back  doing my labor of love  putting  together all my emails and photos to share with all of you.

Much love.