FIDF Mission to Auschwitz & Israel

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From Darkness to Light  From Auschwitz to Israel

My dear family and friends around the world

In Poland we have absolutely wonderful tour guide.They call him -educator from Yad Vashem

Who has tremendous amount of knowledge about Holocaust, his father worked in Yad Vashem and his wife works there too and they are very dedicated to the memory of 6 millions murdered Jews.

On a wings and prayers

After our delegation flu on Israeli  military jet to Israeli Military Air Force base. All clearance , customs, security were done in Krakow hotel by Israeli team which came to us to Poland from Israel.

This my visit to Israel # 19 And first time I did not land at Ben Gurion airport. Flight was so smooth, no one turbulence , cockpit door was open and they educate us about technology  and security of planes.

We had a lot of soldiers  and officers with us and we talked to them and became friends.

We had a very warm welcome with music, dancing and always a lot of delicious food and than tour of the Air base  and different extremely sophisticated planes and “kids” 20 something who  learn and fly them.

We came to Jerusalem to King David hotel the best old historic hotel, in the room they constantly show the history of hotel and employees who are mostly Arabs and most of them work here for 20-30 years and met all the world  famous people staying here.

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Next day we visited a base  where dogs are trained, The only unit In Israel and saw the demonstration  -live training how they smell explosive checking cars and fences and search and rescue operation.

Handler and the dog has a very strong bond and we saw the dog cemetery , each dog  has a human name, fallen dogs honored the  same way as soldiers

And there is a monument  to a dog serving the country of Israel and giving his life to Israel.

Only in IDF and only in Israel.!!!!!!

The same way only in Israel  there is a school to train dogs for blind people for the whole Middle East.

In the evening was a start of Yom HaZikaron - Memorial Day for  23 741 soldiers and 3 150 victims of terror including 5 people in  the latest Hamas 700 rockets  send to a civilian population.
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At Memorial day we went to Ammunition Hall in Jerusalem  to learn about a very heavy battle for Jerusalem in 6 Day war in 1967

Grandfather tell about his battle for Jerusalem and now his grandson is serving in the Army.

See the photo of Memorial to 17 Jordanian soldiers who were  guards on the Jordanian side of the   dividing street in Jerusalen for many years and exchanged coffee  with guards on Israeli side and were killed in battle.

Israelis as  humanitarians   put a memorial for them- their enemies and returned all bodies to the families.  Only in Israel, only IDF

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The saddest day in Israel   Memorial day, everybody goes to cemeteries to visit fallen  soldiers and victims of terrors attacks, second siren is sound at 11 am , people and transportation stop for 2 minutes in silence and grief to pay respect.

At the sundown  2 minutes later starts the happiest day in Israel Independence day, Yom Haatzmaut, 71 St  birthday of Israel partying, dancing, singing, eating.

Our delegation was invited for diplomatic reception at the residency of President of Israel  Mr. Rivlin

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Our delegation visited 9/11 Memorial  Plaza  near Jerusalem where  all almost 3000 names of  murdered people by Muslim terrorists are written  in stone.

 Outside US it is done only in Israel.

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We traveled with 2 survivors of Auschwitz,

ladies 90 years old who told us about their daily live before the war and their daily horror during the war in the camps, how they lost all their families , many were killed in front of their eyes, you see their photos in different places.

What wonderful strong appreciative special people they are.They go back to Auschwitz again and again with young people to educate them in spite of their emotional pain.

After we came back one of them was on National TV telling her story.

Please watch, click few times and you can listen to Sofia Klisman from our mission.