FIDF Mission to Auschwitz & Israel

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Date: Fri, May 24, 2019 at 7:23 PM
Subject: Fwd: Visit to Auschwitz- Birkenau concentration camps where 1.4 millionsJews murdered in The World War 2. On May 5, 2019. Friends of IDF mission

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Our delegation  of Friends of Israeli  Defense Forces came to  this horrible place to pay respect and to remember  6 millions of Jewish children , man and women who were murdered for only one reason- being Jewish.

You see photos of infamous railroad which brought Jews from all over Europe and the cargo car And we walked into crematorium and see stoves where they burn us after gas in gas chambers.

We had with us 2 ladies who were brought here and luckily survived and they told detailed descriptions and we all were crying.

What humans do to humans.
How hate turns people into barbarians  regardless how primitive or “civilized “they are.

Please read texts and listen to videos , click on little arrow in the Right upper corner.

When Natzi brought Hungarian Jews   They murdered 400 032 Jews in 56 days  in gas chambers and burn bodies after in  crematorium 

And glorify how efficient they are.

In Poland  were 6 death camps 

Tremblinka,Sobibor, Belzec,Chelmo 

Maidanek and Aushwitz - Birkenau


  Rudolf Hess lived in his house next to camp with his wife and 4 children and our tour guide red  writings from his guests 

“What a beautiful and  wonderful place it is”

He was captured by British and hanged in Auschwitz.

Weather also was miserable , heavy rain and very cold 5 C or 35 F

But we were here with Israeli Army.

What a difference.

I visited camps Dahau in Germany and Terezienschtad in Prague 

And was feeling of despair 

What they do to us.

We are victims No protection.

Now the feeling is 3 Rd Reich is gone , Hitler is Gone

But we are in triumph .

Great Israel, great Army,  great Jewish communities all over the world- we won  and stand very tall and very strong and very proud.

Now we fly to Israel

From darkness to light 

From Holocaust to Independence

Much love to all