FIDF Mission to Auschwitz & Israel

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Date: Fri, May 3, 2019 at 1:48 PM
Subject: Fwd: Friends of IDF mission. Memorial in Tarnow forest for 8 000 Jews in Poland

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I came to Krakow , Poland and meet my delegation of Friends of IDF

Look at photos and listen to a lot of music for soul- nishama - dusha 
 Just click on arrow in a right top corner.

We listen to 2 survivors, their daily life before the war and daily horrors during the war.

We went to Tarnow , town  one hour from Krakow where before the war was 50 000 people

25 000 of them were Jews,

Today here is 0. Jews

Look at the map of Poland and red circle of Krakow on the South and we are here.

Germany started World War 2 by attacking Poland 

September 1, 1939

And by September 9 they occupied the whole country and came to Krakow which was the capital,

They  killed  8000 Jews including 800 orphan children by bringing them to the forest and shooting them into 3 huge pits.

We had memorial there and  holding photos of Jewish children from Yad Vashem   And reading their stories on the other side of photos.Light the candles, put big Magen David, Saying Kaddish 

We met at the pits delegation of Jewish schools from Argentina and Brazil and from the organization 

March of living 

As painful and horrible as it is 

The miracle is Israel and Israeli Defense Forces who is doing it all

After the final solution to eliminate Jews from the Earth.

Look at them 

They  are all so handsome and so nice.

Can not get enough of them 

And  are very educated and sophisticated.
To know our history is to see it 

like we are doing now.

Look at photos of musicians at the ruins of the used to be the biggest Synagogue in Tarnow.

Nazis burned it But before  that they brought Jews  on the Plaza, Put them on the knees and shoot and blood was streaming down the stairs  and the whole city was in Jewish blood.

But we are here , we remember them,
Israel is here, IDF is here  and  the next generations are here.

Now we have Shabbat.

Life goes on

Am Israel Hi.

Love to all.

Shabbat Shalom to my dear families and friends.