FIDF Mission to Auschwitz & Israel

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Date: Wed, May 1, 2019 at 6:36 PM
Subject: One day stop over in Amsterdam 5/1/19”

My dear family and friends around the world

On the way to mission with 

Friends of IDF

Israeli Defense Forces 

To Poland - Auschwitz and Israel

I stopped for one day in Amsterdam and as always try to see as much as possible 

1— I had a tour of Keukenhoff tulip garden - the biggest in the world, man made beauty of the world.

2– I took Hop on Hop  off two boat tours on the canals in different areas of Amsterdam  and tour guide gave me s printed interesting facts I share with you.  Look at photos and one video- arrow in the right corner, 360 degree of tulips.

3— I went to Adam look out on 22 floor and On the outdoor deck “ride the red horse”

You will see the photo of restored ship yard.  - 2 semi circular big buildings where Peter The Great—- Russian Tsar learned how Dutch Built ships and he  also planned and built St Petersburg like Amsterdam.

Interesting facts.

Amsterdam and airport Schiphol  2-4 meters below the sea level.

850 000 people live in proper Amsterdam and own

847 000 bicycles.

Amsterdam has 165 canals, 200 bridges,

Venice has 400 bridges,

2500 boat houses line Amsterdam canals and starting price E 280 000
But houses along canals starting price E 1, 200 000

Local  river is Amstel.

The number #1 most visited museum here is Anna Frank hiding house, her diary translated in 62 languages.

It was cold and cloudy

47-53. F

And sun comes out only by 5 pm

It was a wonderful  interesting day with a lot of beauty, learning and joy of travel.

Love to all.

Tomorrow morning I fly to Krakow to meet FIDF delegation