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weather everyday 30-33  C,   hot

our group had a week of sailing in Persian Gulf  with Italian company--Costa,

stopped in different  Arab Emirates and Sultanate  Oman, its capital Muscat, where all building are white, modern infrastructures, any country would be proud of,

since 1970 Sultan Qaboos building modern state, investing in education, training his people, here there are not so many costly foreign laborers because of limited
oil revenues, he is known to promote tolerance and dialogue,

we saw mountains of Oman, sailed on the local boat--dhow, swam in warm waters, saw  dolphins and fjords,
our tour guide told us that in Oman water is more expensive than oil, we calculated that gallon of   oil  costs   about $1.50

we stopped in Abu Dhabi--largest of 7 Emirates and the capital of  UAE,

we had a comprehensive city tour, visited:

1--Grand Mosque which was open in 2008, hold 3 places  in the Guinness Book of records:   the largest chandelier, the largest carpet and the largest dome of its kind, it can accommodate  41,000 worshippers

2--the only 7 stars hotel in the world---Emirates Palace-- which we see on TV with meetings of leaders of Arab League and other world leaders

3--the  worlds first--Ferrari   theme park--the largest attraction of its kind

4--worlds  furthest  leaning man made tower by Guinness book of records, it leans 18 degrees westwards--more  than 4 times that of famous Pisa's leaning tower,

4--cultural district  exhibition  with plans and models for museums

Louvre Abu Dhabi, Guggenheim  Abu Dhabi, performing Art centre, etc designed by the best and most famous architects in the world,

before disembarking when we return to Dubai  we visited:

the tallest building in the world for now--Burj  Khalifa 828 metres, observation deck on 124 floor it took elevator few seconds to get to the top,

i took a  lot of photos--all the wonders in the desert,

it is so impressive, beautiful, clever, best of the best

what oil money can buy.

now i am flying to our tiny great country of Israel ----- without oil, but with   very special, spiritual,  strong  and  talented people with great history, religion, civilization  and great contribution to humanity.

i will volunteer on the Army base for 2 weeks

my phone in Israel  011-972-57-750-8228  to call from US

love to all, Inna

Inna Bakker


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