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My dear family and friends

i am in  Dubai  4  days with an American tour group

look at the map of the area,  Persian Golf, Strait of Hormuz, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Oman, Iran.

we are in a very modern, safe  city, amazing scenery of East and West with even more amazing history,

Dubai was a sleeping ,fishing village in the desert  of Arabian Peninsula, living the same way of life for centuries,

but in 1970th  oil was found  and boom started, but the clever vision of the ruler  at the time

and desire to improve life of his people to the standards of civilized world  made  building  and development of this city

"the wonder of the world".  every skyscraper, every building, infrastructure, landscapes, roads, shopping malls  are the  art of engineering and architecture

we had tours of  old and new Dubai,visited the museum of Islamic Civilization, had an Arabic night in the desert,

camel ride, belly dancing, thrilling jeep ride over sand dunes----up and down, called dune bashing,

went skiing in the biggest shopping mall in the world----indoors, chemical free artificial snow not bad at all,

i saw couple of innovations  i did not see any other place.

population of UAE about 8 millions, but locals only about 1 million, the  rest---expats---

people  are  from all over the world  who live tax free life here and build Dubai,

everywhere we see men and women in Muslim cloth--long white and black robes,  some women cover faces--

you do not see even eyes, also all Western, Indian Asian, Arabic, African styles of dress,

Dubai  considered  a modern city, a model of tolerance--there are about 180  ethnicity's  living within the border of UAE---

hopes to be a bridge between the Arab cultures and the West,

but i checked few maps  and there is no name --Israel, only Jerusalem and Palestine............

we have a wonderful tour guide who lives here about 12 years and she told us about wonderful life here

but they have to follow strict rules,

the attitude is --you do not like something --do not live here,

no Arab spring in all 7  Emirates  because of  more or less evenly distribution of oil wealth

in local population education, health care and housing, rulers here do care about their people,

i used metro, taxi, walked around, no problems, safe, friendly, very amazing ,

tonight we move to the cruise ship--Costa  Frivolosa--to sail around Arabian Peninsula to visit other Emirates and Oman,

we will celebrate Passover,

to all my  dear family    and friends


love to all, Inna

Inna Bakker









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