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Dear family and friends

today is a last day of my 20 days cruise around South America and Antarctica, we are sailing north in the Pacific ocean along Chilean coast,

yesterday we docked in the city-Puerto Montt and I had a tour of Northern part of Patagonia [big foot-Indian name],lake District- lakes, volcanos, National Park, Andes mountaines, we stopped at the ski resort, nature is spectacular. Puerto Montt is the end of Pan American Highway which starts in Fairbank—Alaska and stretches for more than 16 000miles.

The lecturer showed us recent issue of Time magazine with the cover story ABC [Argentina, Brazil ,Chile] and talked about Chile, good and bad: 16 million people, 5 mil. in Santiago, country of immigrants from Europe- Germany, Yugoslavia, Britain, large Jewish community and , from Arab countries.

Economy is getting better, president is a woman—medical doctor, half of new born babiesare born out of wed luck because of —no divorce law and abortions are illegal, now girls started to go to Universities

Holland America Line is very very nice, cruising is a nice way to travel, this ship has about 1300 passengers and about 600 personal, ratio 2;1 service is excellent, there are a lot of paintings, sculptures, beautiful objects and wonderful arragements of fresh flowers all over the ship, crew is Indonisian and Phillipinian, so they have very pleasant and mild manners, there are art auctions and seminars, it is a traveling university---so many lectures, presentations, discussions and a lot of entertainments, minus only one-----food, food and more food.  people are from many many countries which makes interesting to listen to different stories and views and opinions,

tomorrow we will disembark in Santiago, I have seen fantastic nature made wonders of the world.

Love to all, Inna