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From: inna bakker <innabakker@gmail.com>
Date: Dec 24, 2007 7:59 PM
Subject: # 3 To Antarctica, Argentina--Buenos Aires and Uruquay---Montevideo

My dear family and friends
We sailed south to Argentina and port of call---Buenos Aires, I was there 3 years ago on the way to skiing in Patagonia---Barriloche.Than I took many tours , walked this beautiful city—Paris of Americas ,learned as much as possible about Argentina and BA.

Now , I decided—no tours, just walking, shopping, eating and drinking, and I did it all, also called my kids and grandkids and friends, weather was very nice, so I had a lovely day.

After a night of sailing we came to Montevideo—capital of 2nd smallest country in South America - Uruquay pop. over 3 millions---which we never hear about in any media,

the tour guide said-it is because we are peaceful people, no revolutions, no turmoils,look at the map or globe, Montevideo is almost across Buenos Aires , harbor and Rio de la Plate-river, locals call BA-big sister, residents of BA take 30 min ferry and come to the beautiful beaches of Montevideo, country is size of Florida, mostly flat---pampas,great for cattles,-culture of Gauchos—horsemans—cowboys mixed with a lot of Europeans coming here for 3 centuries for better life, was discovered by Magellan and established as a buffer between Portuguese Brazil from the North and Spanish Argentina on the South, than became an independent country.

During the WW11 Montevideo was a neutral port, had a famous battle between British and German ships, country had a policy of open borders, many Jewish refugee were able to come here from Germany and other places, now Jewish community about 40 000, we saw Holocaust memorial, monument of George Washington,very contemporary skyscraper—telecommunication tower –looks like famous hotel in Dubai because an architect was born here, emigrated to Canada, won the competition for Dubai hotel, later came here and built this tower in his native country,

it was a very pleasant tour of the city, looking very European and it was interesting to learn about new country,now government is left, socialist but stable, economy is growing slowly, agrarian country, beef industry, tourism,wines, tango, soccer –national passion.

Now we are for 3 days at sea sailing toward Antarctica, life here is very busy. we have lectures on Port presentations, explorations series: South America's Southern Cone, Climate of South Pole, Birds of Drake Passage and every day something new. we also have series of Art seminars ,every morning I do a fast walk , at least for 1 hour,

we have a Rabbi on board and had a very nice Shabbat service.

Next ---Falklands Islands

love to all, Inna

more south we go -worse is satelite connection, cannot send photos and email too