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My dear family and friends,
3 days before my cruise I flu to Rio by Brazilian airline—Tam which took off from JFK 2 hours later without one announcement—why it is happening,
10 hours later I came to Sao Paolo, missed my last connecting flight to Rio,stood 2 hours in line was sent to hotel, where I came about 2 am, by 6 am back to airport, flew to Rio, missed my booked tour of this day.  but went on my own to see the most famous landmark ---Cristo Redeemer on top of Corvocado Hill, it is a huge and very powerful statue , view of Rio, ocean, beaches and mountains
are magnificent,

I had other tours:
visiting Museum of contemporary art , building created by famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer --- looks like UFO---flying saucer, he just celebrated 100 years old and still working around the
world!!!!!!!!!!!  than botanical garden and famous football stadium Marakana—almost every Brazilian boy dreams of playing there. city tour and famous Capacabana and Ipanema beaches, dipped onto ocean---no way to swim because of strong waves, it  reminded me our Florida and Southern California. Air was 30 C or 80----90 F, hot, not very humid, water is warm.

Streets and beaches scenes :
people are beautiful, have a lot of tan, man wear small sexy briefs,  not Bermuda long shorts looking like a skirt, women are as naked as possible, bikinis consist of 2 stripes regardless of age, figure and weight, no topless, no grossly overweight people, just plumpy.

The most impressive is how Brazilian couples of all ages constantly hugging and kissing each other and their children, they are extremely affectionate people .

You hear a lot of music –sounds of Samba and Bosa Nova—new wave of music, all my eating experiences were pleasant and delicious,

I met and had dinner wpith Brazilians—friends of my California cousins Brenda and Barry Rokeach that added a lot to feel charm of Rio which is called in all travel  books----seductive city especially for beach lovers.

Next----to the ship of Holland America cruise line sailing south to Sao Paolo.

Love to all, Inna