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Subject: #6 -trekking Sapa Mountain on Vietnam- China border
I took overnight train Hanoi - Sapa  and back, this area opened to tourists very recently, there are 54 minorities in Vietnam, Black H' mong tribe and Dzao people are very colorfully dressed, famous for their markets and handycraft, they are mountains people who saw a lot of fighting on this border between Vietnam and China,
now trains of tourists go there every day, resort is very charming you still feel French influence in architecture, food and delicios, fresh baquettes, spectacular views,cascading rice terraces, valleys, water falls, tribals villages, tribal women and girls always selling something,  elevation 5000 feet or 1500 m, temp. 20 C or about 70 F,
my trekking group consisted of people in their late 20th from Israel, France and Singapur, on June 10 we did 4 hours  up and down the mountains  8 km or 5 miles,
on my birthday  June 11  we did 7 hours of trekking, 15 km or 9 miles, it was hot, humid and challenging, birthday to remember for me and my trekkers,
tonight is flight back,
i thank each and all of you who responded to my emails and send birthday wishes, it warms up my heart so much, unfortunatly i can not respond individually because internet is slow and always somebody is waiting on line,
love to all and see you very soon,