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Subject: # 5 in Antarctica

My dear family and friends
we were almost 2 days out of satelite connections because we were so far South
look at the map of cruise itenarary

we are here for 2 days sailing along Peninsula of this continent----Antarctica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you look at the globe or a map continent has a shape of a fish---stingray, big flat almost round body with a long sharp tail [Peninsula ]

we sail among many small islands:
Elephant island [ name came from many elephant seals here]
King George Island
Paulet Island
Deception Island,
Anvers Island, etc.

the most surprising is that we are sailing among very high mountains covered by very very thick layers of snow and ice and floating icebergs of many different sizes and shapes, we are lucky, every day is a sunny day and scienary is spectacular, fantastic, majestic and mystical,

Words really do not describe it because we use them so often.

We have lectures , books, movies about history, discoveries, wild life, present scientific work and research, volcanic geology, ecology, ozone hole, global warming, atmosphere, ethymology, etc scientists from US Palmer station came aboard and told us about their life and work, young people, 5 women and 3 man, made power point presentation,
My 9 year old grandson Max who is interested in science asked me to bring a piece of meteorite which fell in Antarctica, I asked about it people from Palmer station, they said in order to protect environment the law is----- nothing, absolutely nothing can be removed from the land, you need a government permit.

Yesterday we had Shabbat service in Antarctica today we had a swimming on outside deck in Antarctica, 30 F

no satellite connection, no internet, we are very much South, magnetic field affect it. when you will get this email it means we are almost out of Antarctica,

so far there is no abundance of penguins and sea birds,

we see some stations--Chilean, Argentinian
Love to all