From: Inna Bakker <>
Date: Sat, Apr 13, 2013 at 8:07 AM
Subject: # 1---------my journey to Middle East and Asia

My dear friends and family,

Tomorrow i am leaving  for a very interesting and exotic   trip  with the American group of 10 people  to countries of the Middle East and Asia  for 3 weeks, i am flying   NY--Dusseldorf-Berlin-Moscow-Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, former Soviet republic, on Caspian  sea, rich in oil, in Dusseldorf and Berlin  
i meet my cousins, in Moscow i sit in the transit hall 10 hours during the night, look at the itinerary and than a map of my journey, i underlined with the black pencil   cities we are visiting, i did a lot of home work, red about the history, culture, religion  and nature of these places,

they are all very ancient countries, very interesting, but some of them now  worry some, still  "my travel bug"  from my father, love to learn the world   and  love for life takes me   every there with the hope for a happy end.

i hope i will be able to email my travel log and share with you

 my  new   knowledge, experience and excitement,

please reply to me,   to keep in touch and to give feed back, it is very important and heart warming,

my  love to each of you,

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